“The Act Of Forgiving “

The good news is that forgiveness is an act of the will, even when unforgiving feelings and memories still linger. Martin Padovani, a counsellor with more than 20 years of experience and author of ‘Healing Wounded Emotions’ states that ‘the act of forgiveness is just that: an act; it’s a decision.
Psychologists generally define forgiveness as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness. …Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, nor does it mean condoning or excusing offenses.
Forgiveness is for our own growth and happiness. When we hold on to hurt, pain, resentment, and anger it harms us far more than it harms the offender. Forgiveness frees us to live in the present. … Forgiveness allows us to move on without anger or contempt or seeking revenge.
“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” ~ Alexander Pope
Enjoy your life, laugh again and see wonderful qualities in others, this is the benefit you receive when you forgive! You also lose judgment. Judging another is one of the lowest energies.
“Do not rush to judge someone unless his/her fruits reveal the truth. However, don’t forget; mostly, it’s not the fault of the tree to produce bitter fruits. Sometimes, the soil determines that; blame the source! Deal with the soil! Don’t deal with the tree! Other trees are there that the same soil can influence! Don’t deal with your enemy, deal with the satan that sponsors them!”
Refusing to forgive someone is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Remember the good times spent together and the beautiful future you both dreamt of. Don’t judge someone just because they sin differently than you. Don’t judge. Behind every person, there’s always a reason why they are the way they are.
No one is perfect, we all just trying to be better and we should learn to understand our differences. Because that is just a way to flow better with one another. Life is beautiful when we understand love and learn the act of forgiving.
What is meant for you will always be, it’s just a matter of time. So no matter the hurt or how we think we have being hurt let’s learn to listen, forgive and move on. We all learn from our mistakes. But forgiving is being at peace.
No matter the situation, never act or conclude out of anger. Even if you do, try to still bridge the gaps. Forgive out of love because God also forgives us. That’s why in our Lord’s Prayer it was written that “Forgive us our trespasses even as we forgive those who trespass against us”.
Let love abound and let forgiveness be imbedded within all.

Before judging someone, let’s ask ourselves this questions:
1. Is your opinion the truth?
2. Does it matter?
3. Are your words, thoughts and actions purposeful or beneficial?
4. Do you have compassion?
5. Am I approaching this issue as a self-righteous bigot, or am I offering truth as one who is equally in need of God’s transforming grace?

Question to ask yourself in order to forgive:
1. What is forgiveness?
2. How often must I forgive?
3. Are there any sins committed against me which I don’t have to forgive?
4. Must I forgive if the person offending me isn’t sorry?
5. Must I forgive if a person continues to hurt me?
6. How do I forgive?
7. How quickly must I forgive?
8. How do I forgive myself?
9. How do I know if I have forgiven?
10. What does it mean to truly love someone without forgiveness?



Anger confounds many people in our world today. We simply don’t know how to handle our anger like we have in the past. One of the Bible’s simplest yet most profound answers for our anger comes in proverbs 29:11(GNT), “Stupid people express their anger openly, but sensible people are patient and hold it back “.

Think before you speak. Delay is a tremendous remedy for anger. You don’t need to delay indefinitely. If you’ve got an issue you need to deal with, you need to do so. Anger delayed indefinitely becomes bitterness. That’s worse than anger. Bitterness is always sin; anger isn’t.

If you respond impulsively, you tend to respond in anger. If you wait to talk about whatever conflict you’re dealing with, you’ll be more rational and reasonable when you do. The longer you hold your temper, the better your response will be. Give yourself time to think. When conflict arises and you give yourself time to think, what should you think about?


1. Is it truthful? Is what i’m about to say the truth? T:

2. Is it helpful? Or will it simply harm the other person? H:

3. Is it inspirational? Does it build up or does it tear down? I:

4. Is it necessary? If it’s not necessary, why do I need to say it? N:

5. Is it kind? K:

THINK before you speak. Reflect before you react. It’ll slow down your anger eveytime.

Talk it over. Think back through a recent argument. Would more time before you responded have helped the situation? Which question in the THINK acronym is most likely to be helpful to you when you’re angry? What’s the biggest challenge to giving yourself more time before responding when you’re angry?

Self control is key when it comes to anger. Be good


People are always putting on labels on what should and should not be. Everyone is so obsessed with what love is and love is not, and it’s all so overrated. Everyone is unique and everyone experiences love in a different way.

I’m not here to tell you things like love is supposed to overwhelm you and make you feel everything all at once, or that love isn’t supposed to make your heart steady as rock. I’m here to tell you this – Love people in the way that you’re proud of and in the best way you can.

People tend to say different things about love based on their own point of view. But despite what everyone would say, whether you end up being the good guy/lady or the bad guy/lady in your story, at the end of the day, you have had enough courage to feel something most people are afraid to feel – love. Your feelings are valid and nobody in this world could ever take that away from you. Listen to your gut feeling because most of the time, it’s always right.

“Don’t regret walking away from something that was destroying you and taking evert piece of you in the first place. Love them, but never forget to love yourself too. Don’t listen to what the world thinks because at the end of the day, it’s only you who could know what’s best for you.”

I know it hurts to love someone and never to be loved in return, but it’s more painful never to find the courage to tell the person about how you feel. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so when we finally meet the right person, we would be grateful.

Love is when you take away the feelings, passion and romance and you find out you still care for that person. A sad thing in life is to meet someone who means a lot to you, only to find out at the end it was never meant to be but you just have to let go.

When the door of happiness closes another one opens but often times we look so long at the closed one but don’t see the one which as been opened for us. The best kind of friend is the one which you can just be with, never say a word and walk away feeling it was the best conversation you have ever had.

It is true we don’t know what we have got until we loose it, but it’s also true we don’t know what we have been missing until it arrives. Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they will love you back, don’t expect love in return, just wait for it to grow in their heart. But if it doesn’t, be contend it grew in yours.

There are things you would expect to hear that you will not hear from the person you wish to hear them from, but don’t be so deaf to hear it from the one who says it from their heart. Never say goodbye if you still wanna try, never give up if you feel you can go on, never say you don’t love a person anymore if you can’t let go.

Love comes to those who still hope, although they have been disappointed. To those who still believe, although they have been betrayed. To those who still need to love, although they have been hurt before. To those who have the courage to build trust again.

It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but takes a life time to forget someone.

Don’t go for looks, it can deceive, don’t go for wealth even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile, because it takes only smile to make dark days bright.

I hope you find someone who makes you smile. Remain happy and feel loved.

How to be a peace at a wavy period.

If you’re like most people, you probably have days when it feels like your life is out of control. You maybe over scheduled, trying to squeeze grocery, work and home runs, healthcare appointments between work obligations and extracurricular activities.

In the midst of such busyness, many of us secretly long for a simpler life one that reflects a slower pace, where we are able to relax, breathe and enjoy some peace of mind. We may fantasize about getting away from it all or leaving our responsibilities behind. But rather than retreating to a cabin in the woods or moving to a mountain side monastery, the real solution is to learn how to maintain a sense of inner peace while still living and participating in our all too crazy world.

After all, the quality of your outer life is, in many ways, a reflection of the quality of your inner life not the status of your career, checkbook or relationship. If you want your outer world to be peaceful, calm and filled with joy, you don’t need to find more time or take a vacation from life. You need to cultivate an inner state of serenity.


Going into the silence is like taking a bath in pure, white light it clears you, calms you and quiets you: and it helps you manage the stress of normal everyday life. Its in the silence that we have our greatest opportunity to access the power of grace.

The more you make stillness a priority, the sooner you”ll be released from the fear and anxiety that come from living in an uncertain, every changing world. Overtime you’ll come to realize that the peace and joy you seek can only be found within.


I sat down today at work and I was observing how people were coming in and going out.

Yes… It’s a normal thing daily, but the question that prompted to my mind was “HOW MUCH CAN WE WAIT”

In life, we all aim higher and to be in a better position but how patient are we to wait on God’s time to bless us or answer that which we have been praying for!!

Generations of nowadays, we don’t have that time to wait at all, we just want to acquire that thing big. Most don’t want to work at all, that’s why they venture into all sorts of things.

Yes… Most are doing what they are doing out of pressure!! Pressure from parents, friends, society at large. But I want us to realise something..that their is nothing more peaceful than enjoying that Godly blessing through the works of your hand and not the other way round.

The wait is just all about being patient. Patience is a very vital and important attribute everyone should possess, because once you have this in you, it helps with self-control. And once you have self-control you can handle anger from escalating when in a bad time.

We should all learn to wait and learn to wait on God.

“The Unexpected”

Usually I always say always expect the unexpected.. But it always seems as if I don’t know what am saying… But expecting the unexpected don’t literally mean it has to be something bad.

When we pray at times, we might not get that particular thing but something else that is better than what we wished for… That is why in Bible, God said he will do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can ask or think.. Why is this???

This is because God knows our heart, he knows what we want and what suits us as an individual, but he blesses us according to His will at His own time. So, I don’t want us to see any situation we find ourselves as an unexpected one.

Yes, it might not be what we want, wish or plan for, but when the unexpected happens.. What do we do??

No, matter the unexpected situation, let’s learn to be thankful. Let’s learn to thank God in an unexpected way as well, let praises rise from the inside of us and see if you won’t be blessed in an unexpected way.

Be positive, Be hopeful, always expect the unexpected in a good way.






Over the years i experienced working with different people from different backgrounds with a common goal which is to achieve the set aim of an organization. That is team work in accordance with one love.
But my question now is *”Where is the One-Love in the team work in today’s work frame?”*

This day’s you see different people working together in the same organization, yet no love flow I.e lack of One-Love, yet claim to be a team at work.

*You see many backbiting*

*You see many speak ill of other people, yet they not perfect.*

*You see many plotting evil against their fellow colleagues at work.*

*You see many doing eye services, over doing this in order for them to be noticed.*

Many stand on the saying *”If you can’t beat them, you join them”*

But so soon, we forget that God is Love. *Love conquers all and that’s why he said in His words that we should love our neighbours as we would love ourselves.*

Where Love abounds, there is unity. That’s why One-Love in team work makes it look as if the bond is there. The oneness makes you see yourself as a family and will make you watch each others back. Even when one offends, we should learn to correct with love.

Let the love overflow, in our hearts, at work and in every area of our life. Let’s see the glory ahead.




Once you have a vision for your ideal future, you can write out your personal mission statement. Your mission is different from your vision. While your vision is an ideal image of a desired future state, your mission is a specific statement of the kind of person you want to become sometime in the future. Your mission statement describes how you want to make a difference with your life, and how you are giving to make a difference in the lives of other people.
When Albert Einstein was asked the purpose of human life, he replied, “Why, it must be to serve others. What other purpose could there be?”
Your mission statement also tells how you would like to be described by others in the future. Stephen Covey suggests that you write out your personal mission statement as if you were writing your own obituary. Define your mission as the way you would like to be remembered, with the description that you would want a trusted friend to read at your funeral.
Your personal mission statement serves as a guide for your behavior toward other people throughout your life. It is an expression of your values in action. For example, if one of your values is honesty, your mission with regard to honesty could be, “ I am completely honest with myself and others in every situation, no matter what the cost. I always keep my word and I can be trusted implicitly under all conditions.”
You also need a mission statement for your work. This mission statement for your business and your career should be in harmony with your personal mission statement, but be more specific in certain ways. It should be both measurable and achievable. You should be able to accomplish a business mission, like a military mission, and then go home.
For example, at one time the mission statement of AT & T was to “Bring a telephone within the reach of every person in America. “ It took AT & T almost 80years to achieve that goal. That mission statement guided the activities of one of the world’s most successful companies for almost a century. Once it was achieved, however, AT & T needed a new mission, which they failed to develop. They have floundered ever since.
Your business mission could be something like the following: “I am an outstanding professional salesperson, among the top 10 percent in my industry. I give the very finest quantity and quality of service, reliability and honest dealing with every customer, and as a result I earn more than $50,000 per year in my field.”
This is a mission statement that defines the level of income you want to attain in your field, the kind of work that you are going to do to attain that level, and how you will measure that you have achieved your goal. An objective third party could look at your behavior and your results and tell how close you are to fulfilling your mission.

Attitude Is Everything (Part 2)


  The law of substitution explains one of the most powerful of all success principles in creating your own future. Many people have told me that their understanding of this simple principle has changed their entire lives. The law of substitution says that your conscious mind can only hold ” one thought at a time, positive or negative, and you can choose that thought.

     The way you think or feel at any time, the way you act or react, is always the result of a choice that you have made. If you are happy or unhappy, angry or exhilarated, enthusiastic or depressed, in every case, you have decided to feel this way. it is always a matter of choice, and the choice is always up to you.

     With the use of positive affirmations, you can keep your mind centered and focused on the things you want and care about. You can choose to feed your mind with positive messages that are life enhancing rather than dwelling on things that make you angry or sad. With affirmations, you can control and improve your attitude toward yourself and others. You can use the law of substitution to block out negative thoughts by thinking about your goals instead.

     During the course of the week, i was privileged to talk to different people and that gave me more insight on how people think. All improvement in your life begins with an improvement in your mental pictures. If you talk to unhappy people and ask them what they think about most of the time, you will find that almost without fail, they think about their problems, their bills, their negative relationships and all difficulties in their lives.

     But when you talk to successful, happy people, you find that they think and talk most of the time about the things that they want to be, do, and have. They think and talk about the specific action steps they can take to get them. They dwell continually on vivid, exciting pictures of what their goals will look like when they are realized, and what their dreams will look like when they come true.

     Perhaps the most important ingredient that you can add to the process of affirmation and visualization is the constant “emotionalization” of your words and mental pictures. The success formula says that:

                           Thought multiplied by Emotion = Reality ( T x E= R)

     The more you can emotionalize a goal, affirmation or picture, the more energy that command will have and the more rapidly it will be acted upon by your subconscious mind. When you have an intense burning desire for a goal of any kind, you generate an inner power of enthusiasm and determination that drives you forward and enables you to overcome any obstacle that gets in your way.


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